Susan Knox

Sunday Ink: Works by the Uptown Writers is an eclectic, multi-genre anthology of fiction and fairytale, poetry and play, with a touch of memoir that adds an element of personal narrative to the collection.
"A must for parents and students."
--Karen A. Holbrook, President, The Ohio State University
"Along with a good hug, parents should give this book to their sons or daughters when they begin college."
–Myles Brand, President of NCAA and former President of Indiana University and University of Oregon

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Financial Basics: A Money Management Guide for Students

Practical solutions to common money problems

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), September 11, 2004

Financial Basics: A Money-Management Guide For Students by certified public accountant, financial planner, and former university administrator and teacher Susan Knox shares hard-learned lessons about managing money when in college. Practical solutions to common money problems faced by students and family, as well as flexible money-management tips, tricks, and techniques for readers accustomed to handling their money in any of a variety of styles fill this solid, information-packed resource. An absolute must-have for any young adult entering the complex world of financial matters, especially when attending school far away from home.