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After closing my tax and financial planning CPA practice in Columbus, Ohio, and moving to Seattle in 1996, I began to write. Tentative shy writing at first and then I got an idea for what became my first book, which bridged the gap between my old career as a Certified Public Accountant and my new one as a writer. "Financial Basics, A Money-Management Guide for Students" was published in 2004 and I began to explore short stories, creative nonfictions, and personal essays with the help of classes at the Richard Hugo House and teachers, especially Priscilla Long.


I still write about money. The emotional aspects of money have always fascinated me and fiction is a good place to play out the way finances affect people, especially in relationships. I'm intrigued by embezzlers, having encountered a few in my previous career. I'm writing short stories on this theme.I'm interested in exploring retirement and aging and am working on a collection of essays on this subject.






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"Financial Basics, A Money Management Guide for Students," (The Ohio State University Press, 2004)




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Nominated for Best of the Net.


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Pushcart Nominee


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Member, The Author's Guild
Member, Richard Hugo House (Writers' Center)
Member, AWP




B.S.B.A., The Ohio State University 1971
Executive Development Program, The Ohio State University 1982
Nonfiction Certificate, University of Washington Extension 2000
Advanced Writing Classes with Priscilla Long, 2000 to present