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"Financial Basics, A Money Management Guide for Students," 2nd edition (The Ohio State University Press, 2016)
"Financial Basics, A Money Management Guide for Students," (The Ohio State University Press, 2004)
"The Discerning Client," Potato Soup Journal,December 28,2022, http://potatosoupjournal.com/the-discerning-client-by-susan-knox/
"The Wall," Still Point Arts Quarterly, reprint, June 2022, https://www.shantiarts.co/SPAQ/SPAQ47/files/knox.pdf
"Five Homes," Halfway Down the Stairs, June 1, 2022, https://halfwaydownthestairs.net/2022/06/01/five-homes-by-susan-knox 
"The Farmhouse," The Plentitudes, Spring 2022, https://www.theplentitudes.com/piece/the-farmhouse
"Remember Me," Sequestrum,Reprint, Issue 30, 2022 https://www.sequestrum.org/nonfiction-remember-me
"Night Music," Shark Reef Review, Issue 38, Summer 2021 http://sharkreef.org/non-fiction/night-music/
"Sustenance--A to Z" Still Point Arts Quarterly, December 2020, https://www.shantiarts.co/SPAQ/SPAQ40/files/knox.pdf
Still Point Arts Quarterly Winter 2020, Issue No. 40, 48-59
"Invasions," Green Hills Literary Lantern,  July 2020, http://ghll.truman.edu/ghll31/Knox%20Invasions.html
"Shear History," Matador Review, http://www.matadorreview.com/susan-knox Spring 2019,
Nominated for Best of the Net.
"Apologies Outstanding," Moon Magazine,http://moonmagazine.org/susan-knox-apologies-outstanding-2019-03-02/
"Burning to Write, An A to Z Reflection," Barely South Review, (Volume 10.2, Spring 2019), 9-17, https://barelysouthreview.com/burning-to-write-an-a-to-z-reflection/
"Bequests," The MacGuffin, (Volume XXXV, No. 2, Spring 2019) 111-115
"The Wall," Cleaver Magazine (Issue 21, Spring 2018) https://www.cleavermagazine.com/the-wall-by-susan-knox/
"Robert the Bruce," Halfway Down the Stairs (December 2016)
Anthologized--The Best of Halfway Down the Stairs 2015-2019 (March 2020)
"Elf on the Shelf," The Storyteller Anthology (Volume 20 Issue 2, April/May/June 2015), 176-181
"The Personal Touch," Halfway Down the Stairs (December 2015)
"Rich Chocolate Mousse," Queen Mob's Teahouse (December 21, 2014)http://queenmobs.com/2014/12/rich-chocolate-mousse-susan-knox/
"The Page-Turner," The Penman Review (August 4, 2014) http://penmenreview.com/?s=susan+knox
"Autumn Life," Blue Lyra Review, (Issue 3.2, Spring 2014)  
Pushcart Nominee
"Piano Recital," Zone 3, (Volume 29, No. 2, Fall 2013), 134-138
"Twenty Questions from a Newly Retired Husband," Still Crazy, (Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2013), 32-33
"Retirement: Phase II," Wild Violet, (May 12, 2013) http://www.wildviolet.net/author/susanknox/
"Moonstone Beach," Signs of Life, (2012), 4
"Turnabout is Fair Play," Monkey Puzzle Magazine (2012, No. 11), 57-60
"Baby, Baby," Melusine, The Blog (September 2011) http://melusineblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/susan-knox-baby-baby.html
"I Didn't Know," Sunday Ink, (2010), 86-96.
"Remember Me," Pisgah Review (Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter 2009), 69-73
Extensively expanded version reprinted in CALYX, (Volume 26, Number 2, Winter 2011), 70-74.
"The Emergency," Fifty Word Stories, http://fiftywordstories.com/2023/05/08/susan-knox-the-emergency/#comments
"The Old Person's Friend," The Blue Mountain Review, forthcoming 
"Banking on Instinct," Lowestoft Chronicle, June 2022, http://lowestoftchronicle.com/issues/issue50/susanknox/
"Secret Garden," Potato Soup Journal, May 2022, http://potatosoupjournal.com/secret-garden-by-susan-knox/
 "Teacher, Teacher," Evening Street Press, (Number 29, Mid-Spring 2021), 6-10
"The Greenwood Retirement Home," Halfway Down the Stairs, June 1, 2019, https://halfwaydownthestairs.net/2019/06/01/the-greenwood-retirement-home-by-susan-knox/
"Mirror, Mirror," Briars Lit, 2019, https://briarslit/volume-two/
"Substantial Designs," Dime Show Review, 2017, http://www.dimeshowreview.com/substantial-designs-by-susan-knox/
Also published in Dime Show Review (Volume 2, Issue 3, 2017), 203-204.
"Small Acts," Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2016
"Legacies," The MacGuffin, (Volume XXX, No. 2, Winter 2014) 142-148
"Deliveries," The Rusty Nail, (Issue 13, March 2013), 42-44 
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"Rumpelstiltskin & Associates," "Mirror, Mirror," "Stalking Jack," Sunday Ink (2010), 66-72