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"Financial Basics, A Money Management Guide for Students," 2nd edition (The Ohio State University Press, 2016)
"Financial Basics, A Money Management Guide for Students," (The Ohio State University Press, 2004)
"Generational Echoes," Pangyrus LitMag, forthcoming
"Five Homes" reprint, Still Point Arts Quarterly, forthcoming
"My Take on Getting Older," NiftyLit, forthcoming
"What I Like/What I Dislike," Persimmon Tree, Winter 2024, https://persimmontree.org/winter-2024/what-i-like-what-i-dislike/
"Persistence," Persimmon Tree, Fall 2023, https://persimmontree.org/fall-2023/shameless-self-promotion/
"My Name is Alan Bruce," Defiant Scribe, July 21, 2023, https://defiantscribe.com/my-name-is-alan-bruce/
"The Discerning Client," Potato Soup Journal,December 28,2022, http://potatosoupjournal.com/the-discerning-client-by-susan-knox/
"The Wall," Still Point Arts Quarterly, reprint, June 2022, https://www.shantiarts.co/SPAQ/SPAQ47/files/knox.pdf
"Five Homes," Halfway Down the Stairs, June 1, 2022, https://halfwaydownthestairs.net/2022/06/01/five-homes-by-susan-knox 
"The Farmhouse," The Plentitudes, Spring 2022, https://www.theplentitudes.com/piece/the-farmhouse
"Remember Me," Sequestrum,Reprint, Issue 30, 2022 https://www.sequestrum.org/nonfiction-remember-me
"Night Music," Shark Reef Review, Issue 38, Summer 2021 http://sharkreef.org/non-fiction/night-music/
"Sustenance--A to Z" Still Point Arts Quarterly, December 2020, https://www.shantiarts.co/SPAQ/SPAQ40/files/knox.pdf
Still Point Arts Quarterly Winter 2020, Issue No. 40, 48-59
"Invasions," Green Hills Literary Lantern,  July 2020, http://ghll.truman.edu/ghll31/Knox%20Invasions.html
"Shear History," Matador Review, http://www.matadorreview.com/susan-knox Spring 2019,
Nominated for Best of the Net.
"Apologies Outstanding," Moon Magazine,http://moonmagazine.org/susan-knox-apologies-outstanding-2019-03-02/
"Burning to Write, An A to Z Reflection," Barely South Review, (Volume 10.2, Spring 2019), 9-17, https://barelysouthreview.com/burning-to-write-an-a-to-z-reflection/
"Bequests," The MacGuffin, (Volume XXXV, No. 2, Spring 2019) 111-115
"The Wall," Cleaver Magazine (Issue 21, Spring 2018) https://www.cleavermagazine.com/the-wall-by-susan-knox/
"Robert the Bruce," Halfway Down the Stairs (December 2016)
Anthologized--The Best of Halfway Down the Stairs 2015-2019 (March 2020)
"Elf on the Shelf," The Storyteller Anthology (Volume 20 Issue 2, April/May/June 2015), 176-181
"The Personal Touch," Halfway Down the Stairs (December 2015)
"Rich Chocolate Mousse," Queen Mob's Teahouse (December 21, 2014)http://queenmobs.com/2014/12/rich-chocolate-mousse-susan-knox/
"The Page-Turner," The Penman Review (August 4, 2014) http://penmenreview.com/?s=susan+knox
"Autumn Life," Blue Lyra Review, (Issue 3.2, Spring 2014)  
Pushcart Nominee
"Piano Recital," Zone 3, (Volume 29, No. 2, Fall 2013), 134-138
"Twenty Questions from a Newly Retired Husband," Still Crazy, (Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2013), 32-33
"Retirement: Phase II," Wild Violet, (May 12, 2013) http://www.wildviolet.net/author/susanknox/
"Moonstone Beach," Signs of Life, (2012), 4
"Turnabout is Fair Play," Monkey Puzzle Magazine (2012, No. 11), 57-60
"Baby, Baby," Melusine, The Blog (September 2011) http://melusineblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/susan-knox-baby-baby.html
"I Didn't Know," Sunday Ink, (2010), 86-96.
"Remember Me," Pisgah Review (Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter 2009), 69-73
Extensively expanded version reprinted in CALYX, (Volume 26, Number 2, Winter 2011), 70-74.
"Uprooted/Transplanted," Meat for Tea The Valley Review, Volume 18, Issue 1 March 2024, 69-70
"Time and Change," Paper Dragon, (Volume 5,7/19/23) https://drexelpaperdragon.com/time-and-change/
"The Emergency," Fifty Word Stories, http://fiftywordstories.com/2023/05/08/susan-knox-the-emergency/#comments
"The Old Person's Friend," The Blue Mountain Review, Issue 28, May 2023, https://issuu.com/collectivemedia/docs/bluemountainreviewmay2023/126
"Banking on Instinct," Lowestoft Chronicle, June 2022, http://lowestoftchronicle.com/issues/issue50/susanknox/
"Secret Garden," Potato Soup Journal, May 2022, http://potatosoupjournal.com/secret-garden-by-susan-knox/
 "Teacher, Teacher," Evening Street Press, (Number 29, Mid-Spring 2021), 6-10
"The Greenwood Retirement Home," Halfway Down the Stairs, June 1, 2019, https://halfwaydownthestairs.net/2019/06/01/the-greenwood-retirement-home-by-susan-knox/
"Mirror, Mirror," Briars Lit, 2019, https://briarslit/volume-two/
"Substantial Designs," Dime Show Review, 2017, http://www.dimeshowreview.com/substantial-designs-by-susan-knox/
Also published in Dime Show Review (Volume 2, Issue 3, 2017), 203-204.
"Small Acts," Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2016
"Legacies," The MacGuffin, (Volume XXX, No. 2, Winter 2014) 142-148
"Deliveries," The Rusty Nail, (Issue 13, March 2013), 42-44 
"Blood Money," Forge, (Volume 5, Issue 4, Spring 2012), 124-133 http://forgejournal.com/forge/2012/03/29/blood-money/
"Rumpelstiltskin & Associates," "Mirror, Mirror," "Stalking Jack," Sunday Ink (2010), 66-72